About Us

Welcome to Party of Seven! Thank you first for visiting. A little about us, we are an amazingly awesome family of seven that continues to grow and learn through life. This blog is one area of growth for us. My wife and I married in May 2005 as a 20 and 18 year old respectively. We had our first son at the end of 2005, followed by our second son in 2007, third son in 2010, first daughter in 2013, and second daughter in 2015. Yep five kids, 3 boys and 2 girls!! Yes we know how that happens! Now at the age of 33 (July 2018) I’m wanting to recap stories and share them with you! As we grow and learn, we ask that you grow and learn with us. Laugh, cry, and ask questions along the way. Thank you again for visiting.

– Dad @ PartywithSeven